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from #fintechPortugal to ftp fintech.partners

" Don’t follow your passion. What you take out of the world... is much less important than what you put into the world. Follow your contribution instead. Find the thing you’re great at, put that into the world, contribute to others, help the world be better. " - Ben Horowitz


First and foremost we would like you to know our motto, #givefirst. The act of helping without expecting nothing in return. In order to give before you get, we must adopt a philosophy of helping others without an expectation of what we are going to get back. It’s not altruistic - we do expect to get things in return - but we don’t set up the relationship to be a transactional one. This is our motto and is the centerpart of our culture, it will live forever in our actions.

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The #fintechPortugal project started in 2015. The first idea was to create an association, but we would like to be more one-2-one, less political and more practical, we didn’t want to be limited to the usual limited partners of an association, we wanted to be more global, and our ecosystem was very small. So, we decided to move on as a consulting company.

Using social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, we have been promoting #fintechPortugal and Portuguese fintech startups to the world and to international investors and fintech ecosystems.

We have also been using our social media pages to share news and opinion articles from the diverse ecosystems around the world. We try to give, what we think is, valuable information for our fintech founders, information such as: use cases, trends, events, and whatever we think can help to develop our ecosystem.


In 2017 we started publishing The Portuguese Fintech Guide, and since then we have been searching the Portuguese ecosystem for new fintech companies and for new projects in the fintech area.

During this period many companies have appeared and many others have disappeared, as in any ecosystem; it’s moving, and that’s good. Founders have success, and founders fail, and they move on, applying the knowledge they earn, in new projects. Since 2017 the Portuguese Fintech Landscape Guide, and the Portuguese Fintech Map have been downloaded thousands of times, from people all around the world.


Partnering with several entities that can help empower Portuguese ecosystem is one of our main goals.

In 2019 we partnered with HubIn and the Spanish Accelerator ABanca Innova to develop the first Portuguese Edition of the accelerator program.

We participated in 2019, helping 2 startups Portuguese fintech startups to win the POC and we have 2 other startups currently running in the 2020 batch.

For more detailed information on the Abanca Innova Program follow this link  

Since 2015 we have been working under the brand #fintechPortugal, and we will continue to do so through social media, promoting our work and distributing news for Portuguese fintech founders.

Beginning in 2020 our consulting services are being developed through the FTP fintech.partners brand.


In 2020 we have launched the Portuguese Fintech Guide on a new format, and also the first Portuguese Fintech Radar.

You can get more detailed info about the Portuguese fintech ecosystem in this guide on the downloads page  

While the mission of #fintechPortugal is “Connecting Globally, Acting Locally” with FTP fintech.partners we have the mission to empower the partnership and we adopted the African proverb “If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.”

There are many dimensions to the power of partnerships. We do believe that it’s the best way to grow, particularly in a small country like Portugal. Since the birth of the first fintechs, this duality of banks and fintechs, was mainly attributed to rivalry. Fintechs wanted to replace banks and banks saw fintechs as a menace. Recently both have realized that the partnership model is the best business model for both entities. Partnerships are a win-win combination, when both parties have common goals and complement each other. But there is much more to talk about partnerships for both entities. You can get more detailed info on how ftp fintech partners can help you exploring the website.