why, how and what

people don´t buy what you do, they buy Why you do it

" People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe. " - Simon Sinek

Why Having A Strong ‘Why’ Statement Is The Key To Staying Motivated And Focused. We have found our why, do You know Yours?

Start with the Why

The why is about our contribution to impact and serve others. The why inspires us. In short, your why is your purpose. It provides a clear answer to the questions, “Why do I get out of bed every morning?” “Why does my organization/business exist?” and “Why should that matter to anyone else?” Having people believe in your why is what will make them purchase your products, seek your services, and hire you to fulfill their business need. Strong why statements are key to long lasting success and viability.

WHY we do it

  • to empower Portuguese fintech ecosystem, to make Portugal and Porto a recognized fintech hub.

HOW we do it

  • promote bank x fintech partnerships;
  • promote the birth of fintechs in universities;
  • help Portuguese fintechs in every stage, from creation to internationalization;
  • promote innovation in financial services;
  • introduce blockchain and cryptocurrencies;
  • promote Portugal and Porto as an european fintech hub.

WHAT we do

  • consulting services to financial services and fintechs;
  • partnering with national and international stakeholders;
  • give talks and workshops for the global ecosystem;
  • promote events;
  • help fintechs to get investment.

¿ Do you know Your WHY ?

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